Preliminary Program

The Discovery of Insulin
Historical Context at the University of Toronto Bernard Zinman
The Eli Lilly Insulin Story Ruth Gimeno
The Novo Nordisk Insulin Story Peter Kurtzhals
The Discovery of Insulin, Diabetes, Science and Society-Perspective from the Academies

A Research Round Table Discussion to Focus on the Future Priorities and Strategies for Diabetes Research

Global Challenges in the Insulin Supply Change
The Genetics of Insulin - From Cloning to Human Disease
Speaker Graeme I. Bell
Basic science - Advances in Beta Cell and Islet Autoimmunity
Molecular insights into islet autoimmunity Alice Long
Islet Inflammation and Type 1 Diabetes – New Perspectives Decio L. Eizirik
Development of Tolerance and Autoimmunity Jayne Danska
Novel Strategies for Defeating Islet Autoimmunity Jayne Danska
Therapeutic Approaches to Circumventing Autoimmunity Kevan Herold
Clinical Science – Insulin Delivery, Special Situations
Insights from the T1D Exchange Experience David Maahs
Barriers to Insulin Use in Adults Irl Hirsch
The Challenge of Insulin in Primary Care Stewart Harris
Pump Therapy During Pregnancy Denice Feig
Insulin and Beyond in the Hospitalized Patient Guillermo Umpierrez
Whither the Future of Insulin Management in Type 2 Diabetes? John Buse
Barriers to Insulin Use in Adults Hannele Yki-Järvinen
Mechanisms of Glucose Sensing
Speaker Sabrina Diano
Cellular Consequences of Hypoglycemia
Clinical Consequences of Hypoglycemia
Minimizing Hypoglycemia in the Real World
Defining the Underlying Defect in Insulin Action in Diabetes
Basic Science – Insulin Signaling in Health and Disease
How does Insulin Act on the Liver? Alan Cherrington
Insulin Action in Blood Vessels George King
Insulin Action in Muscle and Adipose Tissue Amira Klip
Insulin Action in the Kidney Richard Coward
Clinical Science
Comparative and Adjunctive Approaches to Insulin Delivery Bruce A. Perkins
New Closed Loop Insulin Systems Roman Hovorka
Bihormonal Glucose Management Systems Steven J. Russell
The Bleeding Edge: Open Source Algorithms, Research, and What’s Next in Do-It-Yourself Artificial Pancreas Systems Dana Lewis
Young Investigator Presentations
Realizing the Promise of Stem Cell Therapy
The Future of Smart Insulin Delivery
The Present and Future of Pancreas and Islet Transplantation
Immune-based Therapies for Type 1 Diabetes
Therapy of Type 1 Diabetes – The DCCT-EDIC Trials
Speaker David Nathan
Preventing Diabetes in Children