A Scientific Symposium

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the University of Toronto’s discovery of insulin.


There will be two components to our virtual online meeting:

  1. Pre-recorded lectures available starting January 2021
  2. Live, moderated, speaker discussions, abstract & trainee award presentations on April 15 & 16

The Scientific Symposium will provide  comprehensive updates on the latest advances in diabetes treatment and management through a series of online educational sessions and live, online, panel discussions with the experts. Educational sessions will include the latest information on the management of diabetes and its complications, practical tips and proven strategies for improving patient care, and translation of the latest diabetes research into clinical practice. These sessions will be recorded for posterity and retained on the Scientific Symposium website as an educational repository for long term access referencing. In keeping with the spirit of Banting and Best, who sold the American patents for insulin to the University of Toronto for $1.00 each, the symposium materials will be complimentary.

Pre-Recorded Lectures

Coming January 2021


Live, Moderated, Speaker Discussions

April 15 & 16 2021

Abstract & Award Presentations

April 15 & 16 2021

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