Trainee & Early Career Investigator Awards


Award Recipients
Presenting on April 15 from 1140 – 1240 [EDT] (bold/underlined)

Grad Student – Basic Science

  1. (1140-1155) Upregulation Of Cytosolic Reducing Signaling Through Senp1 Is Required For  Beta-cell Functional Compensation To Short-term High Fat Diet
    Haopeng Lin, Kunimasa Suzuki, Nancy Smith, Xi Li, Lisa Nalbach, Sonia Fuentes, Aliya F Spigelman, Xiaoqing Dai, Austin Bautista, Mourad Ferdaoussi, Saloni Aggarwal, Andrew R Pepper, Emmanuel Ampofo, Leticia P Roma, Wen-hong Li, Patrick E MacDonald*
  2. (1155-1210) Gut-liver B Cells Promote The Development Of Obesity-associated Insulin Resistance And Metabolic Disease
    Saad Khan, Helen Luck, Fanta Barrow, Xavier S. Revelo*, Daniel A. Winer*

Grad Student – Clinical

  1. (1210-1225) Ketogenesis And Ketone Excretion Before And After Short-term Empagliflozin Use In Type 1 Diabetes
    Daniel Scarr, Erik Lovblom1, Daniel Montemayor, Hongping Ye, Hongyan Liu, Yuliya Lytvyn, Kumar Sharma, David Z.I. Cherney, Bruce A. Perkins
  2. (1125-1240) Prediction Of Future Diabetic Neuropathy Using Corneal Confocal Microscopy: A Longitudinal Diagnostic Multinational Consortium Study
    Leif Erik Lovblom, Evan J.H. Lewis, Vera Bril, Maryam Ferdousi, Andrej Orszag, Katie Edwards, Nicola Pritchard, Anthony Russell, Cirous Dehghani, Daniele Pacaud, Kenneth Romanchuk, Jean K. Mah, Maria Jeziorska, Andrew Marshall, Roni M. Shtein, Rodica Pop-Busui, Stephen I. Lentz, Mitra Tavakoli, Andrew J.M. Boulton, Nathan Efron, Rayaz A. Malik, Bruce A. Perkins.
Presenting on April 15 from 1240 – 1340 [EDT]

Post Doc – Basic Science

  1. (1240-1255) Microvessels Support Engraftment And Functionality Of Hesc-derived Pancreatic Progenitors And Human Islets In Diabetes Models 
    Yasaman Aghazadeh, Frankie Poon, Farida Sarangi, Xuetao Sun, Rupal Hatkar, Sara Nunes Vasconcelos, Maria Cristina Nostro
  2. (1255-1310) Sex And Insulin Resistance Define A Human Cell Autonomous Supernetwork Of Protein Phosphorylation
    Nida Haider
    , Jasmin Lebastchi, Ashok Kumar Jayavelu, Thiago M. Batista, Hui Pan, Jonathan M. Dreyfuss, Ivan Carcamo-Orive, Joshua W. Knowles, Matthias Mann, C. Ronald Kahn.

Post Doc – Clinical

  1. (1310-1325) The Simplicit1 Study: Hepatoselective Glucokinase Activation Via Ttp399 For The Treatment Of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
    Klara R. Klein, Jennifer L. R. Freeman, Imogene Dunn, Chris Dvergsten, M. Sue Kirkman, John B. Buse, and Carmen Valcarce
  2. (1325-1340) A physical Activity And Nerve Structure And Function In Patients With Longstanding Type 1 Diabetes
    Evan J. H. Lewis, Leif E. Lovblom, Sebastien Lanctot, Marina Cardinez, Daniel Scarr, Genevieve Boulet, Alanna Weisman, Julie A. Lovshin, Yuliya Lytvyn, Hillary A. Keenan, Michael H. Brent, Narinder Paul, Vera Bril, David Z.I. Cherney, Bruce A. Perkins
Presenting on April 16 from1110 – 1210 [EDT] CIHR-INMD – Insulin100 New Investigator Partnership Prize in Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Discovery of Insulin

Early Career – Basic Science

  1. (1110-1125) Identification Of An Epi-stable Subpopulation Of Beta Cells Regulated By Overnutrition
    Steven J. Millership, Sanjay Khadayate, Dominic J. Withers, Guy A. Rutter
  2. (1125-1140) Beta-cell Mir-125b Targets Mitochondrial And Lysosomal Genes To Control Glucose Homeostasis
    Rebecca Cheung*, Grazia Pizza*, Pauline Chabosseau, Marie-Sophie Nguyen-Tu, Delphine Rolando, Alejandra Tomas, Thomas Burgoyne,  Anna Salowska, Piero Marchetti, James Shapiro, Lorenzo Piemonti, Isabelle Leclerc, Kei Sakamoto, David M. Smith, Guy A. Rutter and Aida Martinez-Sanchez *Co-first authors

Early Career – Clinical

  1. (1140-1155) Validation Of The Classification For Type 2 Diabetes Into Five Subgroups: A Report From The Origin Trial
    Marie Pigeyre, Sibylle Hess, Maria F. Gomez, Olof Asplund, Leif Groop, Guillaume Paré, Hertzel Gerstein
  2. (1155-1210) Combined Associations Of Work And Leisure Time Physical Activity On Incident Diabetes Risk
    Aviroop Biswas
    , PhD, Mahée Gilbert-Ouimet PhD, Cameron A. Mustard Sc.D, Richard H. Glazier MD, MPH, Peter M. Smith, PhD

Young investigators (graduate students, research fellows, early career investigators) are encouraged to submit an Abstract/ePoster to qualify for our Young Investigator Oral Presentations April 15-16, 2021. The selection committee will choose the best 12 abstracts submissions (see details below) to feature simultaneously as both an ePoster and participate in a live oral presentation on April 15 or April 16, 2021.

Details for the Young Investigator Categories

  • 4 x *CIHR INMD New Investigator **BBDC Early Career Investigator Prizes
  • 4 x CIHR INMD New Investigator BBDC Postdoctoral Fellowship Prizes
  • 4 x University of Toronto Insulin100 Graduate Student Prizes


  • Early career investigators must be within 60 months of their initial faculty appointment as of October 16 2020.
  • Postdoctoral research fellows must be within the first 5 years of their initial PDF appointment as of July 1 2021.
  • Graduate students must be actively registered in a MsC or PhD program at an accredited university as of April 30 2021

Application Process: Submit an abstract.
Deadline: March 1, 2021.
Award: $1,500 (CAD), recognition and live presentation.

*The Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes (INMD) is one of the 13 virtual institutes that make up the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

**Banting and Best Diabetes Centre (BBDC)